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StanceFind™ Snowboard Stance Machine 10/06The StanceFind™ machine is the world’s first dynamic board riders’ stance calibration device. It has been designed with snowboarding as the primary market, but it lends itself to any sideways board sport where adjustable mountings/bindings are the interface between the rider and the board, and where a rider’s stance and balance is crucial to their success and safety in the sport.

Currently when a rider is set up on his snowboard, the technician/fitter uses intuition, experience, national averages, client feedback and guess work to determine the correct distance between the feet, the client’s lead leg, plus the angles of the front and back foot. The set up that is subsequently achieved is very rarely appropriate and consequently the rider will continue to adjust his/her stance settings as they progress in the sport. However, the problem with this is that he/she could seriously disadvantage themselves from the onset, leading to poor performance, slow progression and potential serious injury.

The StanceFind™ machine removes all of the guesswork by using biomechanical reference points on the body to determine the rider’s ‘optimal stance’ before they even take to the slopes. The StanceFind™ machine is not designed to replace the store technician nor negate the need for instructors and coaches, it is there to support them and help them accurately, for the first time, set up a rider’s natural stance by using science as well as experience. This machine is not only of benefit to beginners, it has been successfully proven on seasoned veterans and professional riders who earn their living from snowboarding.

The use of the StanceFind™ machine is especially important with growing children and young people, since by having them re-measured at the start of every season you are ensuring that their ‘optimal stance’ is correctly adjusted in accordance with their physical development.

The goal of the machine is to inform the snowboarding public about the importance of stance, and to instil confidence by improving both physical and mental awareness, thus promoting snowboarding as a healthy and safe sport for all ages and abilities and always maintaining the individual’s potential to excel. The aim of cre8iv-uk ltd and the StanceFind™ machine is to promote safety in the sport, by providing an individually determined stance for all boarders, regardless of physical development and ability. If you can balance, in an efficient stance on the machine and have your bindings set accordingly, the potential for success is massively increased.

History behind the machine

StanceFind™ Prototype Snowboard Stance Machine 10/04The first idea was dreamt up over 9 years ago by Sean MacCarron (co-director of cre8iv-uk ltd) in New Zealand. Sean originates from Stockport, but since leaving the Royal Marines in 1988 has spent the last 18 years coaching skiing and snowboarding, clocking up in the last 17 years, an amazing 34 back to back seasons in North America and New Zealand. During his usual 300+ days per year on snow, he has coached snowboarding at every level, finally collecting his World Cup coaching credentials last season in Lake Placid. He is presently working in Colorado as Head Coach and Race Team Director for the Copper Mountain Alpine Snowboard Team, and has recently returned, with three of Colorado's top riders, from the FIS Snowboard South American Cup in El Colorado, Chile.

Throughout the years Sean has studied the human form and its interaction with the snowboard and the merits of the efficient stance. After wasting countless minutes of precious lesson time over the years, kneeling in the snow at the foot of the hill adjusting riders’ stances, he felt very strongly that there ought to be a scientific way of determining an individual’s stance before they take to the snow. By combining engineering with biomechanics, he set about developing and prototyping his ideas with his close friend ‘Herbie’ in Lauriston, New Zealand.

How it was developed

StanceFind™ Prototype Snowboard Stance Machine 10/04 The first prototype in 2003 consisted of an old snowboard, a set of bindings, two car jacks and a pair of Toyota engine mounts cobbled together in a friend’s garage in NZ. The prototype was simple and successful and resulted in a rider being able to determine their stance. Based upon this success, a patent was applied for to protect the idea and now all patent applications have been filed and accepted by the WIPO. Subsequently the invention is protected under the Patent Co-Operation Treaty. ( PCT/NZ2004/000291 )

StanceFind™ Pre-Production Snowboard Stance Machine 01/06Following the success of the prototype, the design was re-engineered to make it more durable, whilst remaining adjustable and sensitive to the variances in human form and boarding ability.

The first pre-production machine utilising aluminium in place of steel where possible and economical to do so, was completed in January 06 by cre8iv-uk ltd. This machine was used for successful customer demonstrations until the summer.

The production machine

StanceFind™ Production Snowboard Stance Machine 10/06 After performing several design reviews with the Advanced Engineering Cluster (AEC) based at the University of Wolverhampton, a number of improvements to the machine design were implemented. StanceFind™ Footplates on Snowboard Stance Machine
These included a change to the footplate drive method from a wishbone 1:1 screw link to a direct linear drive via a 2:1 gearbox, as well as changing the design of the heel guide and locking mechanism to make it more user friendly.
AEC also sign posted cre8iv-uk to several new suppliers in readiness for production. The modified design was successfully tested in July, which lead to production tooling and component orders being placed in early August. All components were delivered mid October so machines will be available for sale from late autumn 2006.

If you would like to request a demo of the machine or more information about StanceFind™ and cre8iv-uk ltd email us at

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Innovation Recognized

ISPO BrandNew Finalist ISPO 2007

StanceFind™ has been internationally recognised for its innovation in the ISPO BrandNew Awards Winter 07.
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