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The cre8iv story

cre8iv-uk ltd was formed in Oct 2005 by the three directors – Andrew Derbyshire, Rayma Derbyshire and Sean MacCarron.

How did we all meet?

Andrew and Rayma were both born in Manchester and spent their formative years in the Derbyshire Peak District, to where both families coincidentally moved during the late 60s. Though attending different schools, they met through mutual friends at the tender age of 14 and have been together ever since. After living in Derbyshire until 1996, Andrew and Rayma moved to Shropshire where they still reside, running cre8iv-uk ltd. from the tiny hamlet of Crosspipes near Church Stretton.

Sean hails from Heaton Moor Stockport and attended Loreto Sixth Form College in Manchester where he and Andrew met in 1982 sitting next to each other in a maths class. They became good friends and remained in touch with each other throughout the years.

Our background

Andrew graduated from Sheffield Poly (1989) in materials engineering and spent the first part of his career working in product design and development. Following this he went into project management, then international sales, and then ultimately purchasing, as the European Purchasing Director for a major French blue-chip organisation.

Rayma, after becoming a mother in 1983, has dedicated the majority of her adult life to the support and nurturing of her children, though her background also includes roles in areas as diverse as taxi driving, catering management and book-keeping.

Sean left sixth form to join the Royal Marines and after spending time in Norway completing his arctic training, he was bitten by the winter sports’ bug. When he left in 1988, he headed off to North America to pursue a career as a skiing and, subsequently, snowboarding instructor. Not content with 6 months of winter in NA, he followed the cold weather down to New Zealand. He now averages 300+ days per year on snow by coaching skiing and snowboarding at national and international level at Copper Mt. Colorado and Mt. Hutt New Zealand. He has completed back-to-back winters for the past 17 years clocking up an amazing 34 seasons’ experience.

The origin of the StanceFind™ machine

After wasting countless minutes of precious lesson time over the years, kneeling in the snow at the foot of the hill adjusting riders’ stances, Sean felt very strongly that there ought to be a scientific way of determining an individual’s stance before they take to the snow. By combining engineering with biomechanics, he set about developing and prototyping his ideas with his close friend ‘Herbie’ in Lauriston, New Zealand in 2002. A patent was applied for during 2003 and the StanceFind™ machine began its journey.

The birth of cre8iv-uk ltd

After spending the best part of 10 years flying all over the world and countless nights away from home, Andrew decided enough was enough. During the recuperation period following spinal surgery in April 2004, both he and Rayma decided to put their ultimate plan of working together, and for themselves, into action. Their first project was a small community based home and garden maintenance business, which was a great success, until fate had other ideas by delivering Andrew from the top of a ladder in July 2005. The result was a ride in the County Air Ambulance with a collapsed lung and a smashed wrist! No more home and garden maintenance! There was no going back to the corporate rat race and so a new business opportunity was needed. In the meantime Sean was also looking for someone with business experience and the time and money to invest in bringing the StanceFind™ to market, and driving the project forward whilst enabling him to continue to pursue his passion on the slopes. The natural conclusion was for the three friends to join together and so cre8iv-uk ltd was born.