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The world’s first dynamic snowboarders’ stance calibration device has been selected as a finalist in the ISPO BrandNew Awards, the largest start-up competition in the sports’ industry. The invention beat hundreds of others worldwide to the accolade and will be exhibited at ISPO Winter 07 in Munich next week.

The StanceFind™ machine enables a snowboarder, with the assistance of a technician, to establish their ‘optimal’stance before they venture onto the snow. Using biomechanical reference points to take into account the body’s natural asymmetry, the rider’s optimal stance width, angles of the front and rear foot and whether they ride goofy or regular can be determined.

Designed and built in the UK by cre8iv-uk ltd, the innovative device is the brainchild of Sean MacCarron, one of the directors of the company and a ski and snowboard instructor for the past eighteen years. According to Sean, who has coached snowboarding at every level and studied the human form and its interaction with the snowboard and the merits of an efficient stance - “Your stance is your body’s only interface with the snowboard; since you are a unique individual, it makes sense for your stance to be unique also. We spend a great deal of time and money making sure our boots fit correctly, choosing the right board and ensuring that our other equipment is fit for the job, so why ignore the element that is likely to have the biggest impact on our success - our stance”

Most experienced snowboarders spend years adjusting and fine-tuning their stance to get it ‘just right’. The big issue with stance is the lack of time spent determining it at the start of your snowboarding career. All too often you see people with their bindings set to the measurements of their friend or favourite pro-rider, but they’re 6’6” and their friend is 5’2” so they spend the majority of the time eating snow!
If you are not set up on your board to suit your body, then you are going to be out of balance (in a sub-optimal stance) and you will cause yourself undue fatigue and be more prone to injury. If this situation is not addressed by adjusting your stance, it is likely to cause long-term pathologies in your musculoskeletal system (that is assuming you haven’t given up in the process!).

Cre8iv-uk’s managing director Andrew Derbyshire says, “The device is not just for beginners; seasoned veterans and professional riders can benefit and it’s especially helpful for growing children and young adults as they develop. The StanceFind™ machine enables snowboarders, for the first time, to accurately determine a stance to suit them.”

According to Sean, “Watching students repeatedly arrive, already unprepared for the sport, with combinations of sub-standard equipment and entirely unsuitable stances, were contributing factors towards the inspiration for the StanceFind™”.

The aim of cre8iv-uk ltd with the StanceFind™ machine is to promote safety and confidence in the sport, by providing an individually determined stance for all people, regardless of physical development and ability. If you can balance, in an efficient stance on the machine and have your bindings set accordingly, the potential for success is massively increased.

ISPO 2007StanceFind™ will be in the BrandNew Village - Hall A2 – Stand no. BN36 at ISPO Munich Winter 07 from 4-7 February.

For more information on the ISPO Winter 07 exhibition
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* Tobias Gröber, ispo Group Director

back to top... Rivington Alpine based in Horwich, Nr Bolton, Lancashire are pleased to announce that they have taken delivery of a StanceFind™ machine.

Rivington Alpine is the first retailer in the UK to have the innovative stance calibration machine installed.
Recognised as a technical Ski and Snowboard outlet, proprietor Graham Pugh and his staff are now fully trained to help all snowboarders determine their optimal stance on the StanceFind™ machine.
Graham @ Rivington Alpine with the StanceFind™ machine
Also, if your board needs some TLC take it along for a service, Graham has a fully equipped workshop to cater for all your board and ski maintenance.
For more information on stance measurement and snowboard servicing at Rivington Alpine, telephone Graham on 01204 668220. or email him at

Located just 5 minutes from J6 M61, bewteen Manchester and Preston they are easy to reach. For a map and directions follow the link below.

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ISPO BrandNew Awards is the largest start-up competition in the sports industry. Now in its 7th year, the bi-annual competition continues to place young innovative companies into the spotlight of the international media, distributors and retailers from around the world.
Undoubtedly the BrandNew Awards competition has emerged as the most successful "hot spot for success through innovation". *

A jury of 18 international sports experts selected the StanceFind™ machine out of 231 entries from 23 countries as a finalist in the prestigious ISPO BrandNew Awards. The judges viewed, examined and tested all products and were amazed by the high quality of the entries.

As one of the selected finalists cre8iv-uk will have a booth in the BrandNew Village at the ISPO Winter 07exhibition to be held in Munich, Germany, between 04 - 7th February 2007.

ISPO 2007The BrandNew Village is located in Hall A2 in the New Munich Trade Fair Centre.

For more information on the ISPO Winter 07 exhibition
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* Tobias Gröber, ispo Group Director

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cre8iv-uk team NEC 11-2006

Well, our first show was a resounding success, thanks to all you fabulous people out there ! A massive THANK YOU to you all, for your support . . . and your patience!

StanceFind Demo 01 NEC 05-11-06 People Power!
The snowboarding public are an informed group of individuals that’s for sure. They totally grasped the importance of stance and the principles of the measurement procedure. But then why wouldn’t they? They’re already aware of how important it is to have their boots fitted appropriately, with a huge proportion of people now going down the custom footbed road, so of course they understand the importance of an individually determined stance. Almost everyone we spoke to said they were going to hotfoot it down to their nearest retailer/snowsports centre to tell the powers that be, that they need a StanceFind™ machine. You can’t say it clearer than that now can you?

StanceFind Demo 02 NEC06-11-06 Soundbites
We had an incredible response to the StanceFind™ machine, ten deep at the stand for the best part of three days solid is testament to this. If we’d had £10 for every time someone said “where else are these machines going to be, where else can I get measured” then we would have gone a long way to recouping our exhibition costs!

Here are just some of the comments:

"this is amazing, I'm gonna go tell my boss that we need one of these things"

"where else can we get measured, are they in any of the shops"?

"Oh my God, that's amazing, I've been tinkering with my stance for years"

"the most valuable information at the show"

"there should be one in every shop"

"well there's no need to ask if you've had a good show, there's been more people around your stand than any other"

I could go on, but I don’t want to risk boring you !!

Our thanks go to:

StanceFind Demo03 NEC 06-11-06 The Cooper Family at Global SnowShows, particularly John for his encouragement in exhibiting in the first place, and Alex for a superb editorial in the show magazine. Not forgetting of course the team behind the team – including Dave!

Amy and Anna at Leader Communications for their fantastic PR.

Melville, for their professionalism.

The charming staff of the NEC, and their management.

And last but by no means least, our friends and family who travelled far and wide to visit us and lend us their support.

Media Interest
We had a great deal of positive attention from the media, including a visit by two charming researchers from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. So you may well see us on TV in the not too distant future!
We also had a visit from a very lovely man by the name of Andrew Christian-Brookes who records and produces films for the internet, so we’ll be up on the www some time soon! In addition to an already published, excellent full page spread on the front cover of the business section of one of our leading local papers, we had the pleasure of meeting a charming chap from the Shrewsbury Chronicle. Richard Botley spent a good chunk of his time on Sunday observing all the action at our stand and then interviewing us and taking lots of photos. So I guess all our local friends out there will be seeing us in the Chronicle some time soon!

So all in all it was an amazing weekend for the cre8iv-uk team. We had a great time, hope you did too!

And finally . . .
Mega apologies to those of you who were unable to be measured, due to the crowds and the long wait. Disappointment is not the name of our game and so we will be working hard over the next couple of months to get StanceFind™ into the retailers and anywhere else where people are being set up on their boards. We may even be able to arrange some demo evenings/stance clinics at certain venues, so get lobbying your snowboarding centres/retailers etc and watch this space !

PS, don’t forget to send us your feedback!
Email to

Warmest wishes to you all


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Sub-4 Logo Clifton Bradeley, Managing Director of Sub-4 Ltd, Biomechanics Lab based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England recommends the StanceFind™ machine and endorses the biomechanical claims made by cre8iv-uk in its accuracy when measuring a board rider's stance.

To read the full review click here....

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Dustin Sysko, Adam Gibney, Jessie Hazen Chile 08-2006 With the South American Cup, first race of the World Cup series 06/07, being held at El Colorado, Chile, Sean MacCarron and three of Colorado's top alpine snowboarders Jessie Hazen, Adam Gibney and Dustin Sysko flew to Santiago to prepare for training and then the race.

With the logistics unfolding at an impossible rate Sean and the team managed to commandeer a truck and driver from the hostel/hotel where they were staying. According to Sean "The driving and roads up to the mountain were an experience needing to be seen to be believed. The 40 switchback turns on the mountain road at the end of our first days training resulted in two of us throwing up several times on the way down. The only bonus being that whilst resting on the side of the road we watched a Condor circling above us. The omens were good apart from the puking that is!".

Jessie Hazen, Dustin Sysko, Adam Gibney, Sean MacCarron Chile 08-2006Future trips up and down the mountain were at a much more sedate pace thankfully. Couple this with the generosity of Hans the US Team Coach, who invited us to run gates with some of the US Team Athletes, and we were set for an excellent training time.

The day of the race was fairly disorganized, starting off with the lifts not being open on time and then intermittent visibility while the race was on. Dustin, Adam and Jessie performed fantastically on their Donek.comCustom Donek race boards, designed by Sean MacCarron and shaped and pressed by Sean Martin - Mr Donek himself. Check out Sean Martin's operation at Donek.

The final results were Dustin Sysko (M, USA) 6th place PGS, Jessie Hazen (F, USA) 6th place PGS and Adam Gibney (M, USA) 8th place. Check out the athletes profiles by clicking here.

To fly half way round the world, race and be successful requires dedication, determination and skill. Congratulations to all, what a fantastic start to the season!

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Sessions Covercre8iv-uk proudly announce the arrival of "Sessions: Total Telemark V" courtesy of
Tough Guy Productions.

From one of the most vocal champions for new-school telemark skiing, Tough Guy Productions raises the bar in this season’s extreme telemark film with "SESSIONS". The film fully captures the lure of the backcountry – it’s beauty, brilliance, and addictive draw. Featuring the top skiers in the industry crushing lines in Canada, Alaska, Norway, California, Colorado and Utah.

"An incredible amount of backcountry telemark skiing. Lot's of epic helicopter ski trips and some long descents. 2000 ft+ descents. We’ve really captured the essence of the turn and truly what it’s like to ski in the backcountry" Nat Ross, Founder of Tough Guy Productions. This film travels through: Canada, AK, CA, Norway, CO and Utah.

Starring Max Mancini, Leslie Ross, Sarah Clemenson, Mark Tieszen, Dylan Crossman, Torkel, Seth Stefen, Asbjorn Naess, Johnny Lyons, Antte Lauhamaa, and the PowderWhores. Featuring the rest of the Tough Guy crew. Includes the original trailer and way too much other crazy stuff to mention. You must buy this ski movie and see for yourself why the crew at Tough Guy set the standard in the sport.

Click here to download a clip of "Session: Total Telemark V" 43MB
Please note this file is large. Right click + 'Save As'.

You can now purchase this DVD directly from cre8iv-uk, for only £19.99 + Postage and Packing.
Online purchases are not currently available so please email for details.
For all US orders please visit

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